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Frequently asked questions


If I have a midwife, why should I have a doula?
Midwives will help you to relax during labor, but their number one priority is the delivery of the baby. They will have medical tasks related to you and the baby. As your doula I will not be executing any medical procedures, I will be there for your needs only - helping you during and after the birth.


Does a doula take the place of my partner?
No! On the contrary, we work as a team. I help your partner be more involved by demonstrating useful techniques. Having your partner be more aware of your needs and be an active participant in the birth will allow to you to be more relaxed and will bring you closer together. I will be there to assist or step in if a break is beneficial.


Why should I hire a Doula?
I will guide you through labour, be by your side with every step, be your ears and be your voice. I serve you with your best interest as a priority and to is ensure continuity of care. I want you to believe in you as much as I do. Studies shows that having a doula can reduce the rate of induction, augmentation, caesarean birth, instrumental deliveries, epidurals, narcotic pain relief and maternal emotional distress.