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Your doula is there to nurture and teach, easing the transition to parenthood as you learn to breastfeed, assuring you have a good start, helping care for your newborn as we care for you with practical support. 

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Every baby is unique, so is every family and the amount of support needed. I am very delighted that you are considering a doula as a part of your support team.

Monica Bizier is certified with Doula Training Canada for Birth, Labor, and Postpartum. Also, lactation specialist here for any issues you may have!
She is a member of the International Placenta & Postpartum Association.


Keepsake Jewellery

Creating memories that will last a lifetime through the preservation of your keepsakes to make wearable art pieces.


I will be compassionate to the needs of your family during this delicate and complicated time, providing support wherever needed to help build healthy, loving foundations in the baby's earliest days.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the delicate process of preparing the placenta for ingestion, that recognizes the benefits that the placenta can offer to a newly postpartum mother.

Belly Binding

Wrapping the belly is an effective and important part of a mama’s recovery in the postpartum stage of her journey. Binding the stomach offers support, stability and comfort to the muscles, skin and internal organs to repair and bring healing to the postpartum body.

A La Carte

Services are customized to each family's unique needs.

Ottawa Doula Monica Bizier

Meet the Doula

I am a wife and mother to two beautiful children, who are my world and my proudest accomplishments. After their births, I knew that helping other new mothers to have a positive experience throughout their pregnancy and during labour was exactly what I wanted to do. Doula training has allowed me to pursue my passion for supporting mothers during labour and the postpartum period, both emotionally and physically. I want mothers and their partners to feel empowered, supported, and informed throughout the entire process. Birth is an event that changes your life forever. All mothers should be proud! I support hospital births, cesarean births, home births, VBACs, HBACs, epidurals, natural births, and multiples. I support your birth YOUR way!



"If I have a midwife, why should I have a doula?"

"Does a doula take the place of my partner?"

"Why should I hire a doula?"


I am here to answer your questions, and to provide resources to help you and your partner in the wonderful journey of giving birth.

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