Jewellery Care

Jellewery Care

Your keepsake is crafted with high quality jewellery grade resin, which results in a gem that is strong and shatter resistant. But there are some guidelines for caring for your piece:

· Avoid prolonged exposure to UV light (Do not store your keepsake in direct sunlight and avoid wearing if you will be exposed to UV light for a lengthy period, like a day at the beach).

· Avoid exposure to water and moisture (Please remove your jewellery when washing hands, showering, having a bath, swimming or doing the dishes. Your gem is made from a water resistant resin and your inclusions are safe inside but excess exposure to moisture may cause your gem to loosen from its setting).

· Avoid high heat (The resin can weaken or melt when exposed to high humidity or high temperature, also remove before sleeping).

· Avoid chemicals (Remove jewellery when using lotions or creams, soap, shampoo, perfume. These may dull or roughen the surface of your gem).

· Avoid materials that could stain (Heavily dyed clothing that can bleed colour, make up, spices or foods, tinted lotion, markers and similar items can stain the resin).

· Clean your jewellery carefully (Gems or metal settings in need of a shine can be buffed gently with a soft polishing cloth. A quick rinse with warm water and a mild soap can be done but please inspect your jewellery after cleaning is finished).

· Keep your gem safe (Check your gems and settings regularly prior to wear).